New to the World of Autism

08 Sep

What is Autism?

Well really I couldn’t tell you. I’m new to it myself. Actually, before I met my friend’s little brother, I was oblivious to the world of autism. All I knew about it was that people with autism couldn’t speak or interact “normally” with other people. However, when I met DeAndre my perception of autism changed completely. DeAndre is a very bright, energetic and smart little boy. He loves guitars like me and he gives the best kisses just like my mother. Little did I know that every time I would see Deandre I was yearning to know more about his condition to fully understand how autism works.

Hi Deandre

Like I stated previously I had no clue to what autism was. For me autism was a life long: social interaction prohibitor, learning disability, and speech disability. I had no other definition to what autism was than this, but being in English 416: Autism, culture and representation class, I’m becoming more knowlegeable to what autism really means.

For the first class we had to read three short articles: A 09 Autism Spectrum Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), 10 Autism Controversies.

With learning about any new subject there is tons of information. However, when reading the first article on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, I realize how much weight labels hold. The word “normal” is partisan. What really is normal? And who made up the conditions to what “normal” is in this society because anyone can look around and see that “normal” doesn’t exist or just simply isn’t cool. Although there were many things that stood out as making sense or not, one thing that stood out to me was the one criteria of “deficits in understanding and use of nonverbal communication, to total lack of facial expression or gestures (American Psychiatric Association).” I may be taking it a whole different direction but DeAndre smiles, laughs, look at me and his brother crazy. I’m pretty sure this criteria is pertaining to the very severe form of autism but still…

He's curious and it's cute!

I’m interested in learning more about this disorder and actually exploring more about the culture and how it does or doesn’t weaves in and out of this sort of “normal” society.

Autism Speaks and GO BLUE!

Are You Aware?


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