His World Became Mine… A Story by Alexandria S-McQueen

19 Dec

Well, I’m back and this time I’m going back to an old post I did called “Autism, Narrative, and Character Development” that I didn’t really complete. I sort of just posted an outline of what I wanted to write down. Just to remind you of the assignment prompt:

For this blog post, we’d like you to write an introduction (approx. 150-250 words) to your own Autistic character. You can compose this introduction in whatever form seems most fitting — an intro paragraph, a short scene, or dialogue. Then, in the remainder of your blog post, please reflect on this process (approx. 100-200 words). What about this was challenging? Easy? What ethical principles guided your representation? If you had more time or space to develop your character, what would you do or say? How did our class readings (especially Curious Incident) influence your character?

SO finally here it is…

As sound waves travel throughout the house to my ears, I roll over to the sun and smile. I think he’s trying to be the next Jimi Hendrix, and hopefully without the tragic ending. He’s always up earlier than me in the spring and summer. He lives for each day; you can see it in his eyes every time he sings into his little microphone. He knows all the latest hits from Maroon five to Lady Gaga. He is such a little music stud. He’s always so happy. I mean he loves to small and laugh. He even does this happy dance where he jumps up and down and move his feet from left to right. He has his bad days too. He usually has temper tantrums those days. I get up out the bed and head towards his room. When I open the door, he stops and looks at me. He smiles and waves. That is enough, it’s all I need to know that he loves me. I hear a loud bang noise and I rush upstairs to find out what happened. DeAndre was lying n the floor crying. He had broken his guitar by slamming it on the ground. I told him that he can’t do what Kid Rock does on the TV because it’s not good for the guitar, but he doesn’t understand that. After I said that, I could tell today will be a bad day for him. I wipe he’s tears and carry him off downstairs for breakfast.

“He has what we call Pervasive Developmental Diorder-Not Otherwise Specified. In short he is autistic and had PDD-NOS,” the doctor told me. Of course I didn’t understand then but now I know more about the disorder. Of course I thought the bad things that parents usually think when they find out their child isn’t normal or won’t be able to do the things regular kids do, but I got over that quick. I had to deal with it rather quickly because everyday he was growing up and doing different things.I had no time to be sad though I do get that way sometimes. What I feel isn’t important; it’s him who is important. I had to become an expert of my child and that’s what I did and everyday I’m still learning something new. I couldn’t ask for a better child.


The thing most challenging about this was that I don’t have a child that is on the spectrum and I’m writing from the point of view of a parent, a mother no less that I know. I know this little boy and I’ve come to love him so it was really difficult to create something like this. Luckily I had help in writing about DeAndre from his mother and I used most of her description of DeAndre for this introduction.  If I were to continue the story I honestly don’t know where I would go with the story maybe input more interactions with family and friends and new people, but really I can’t say for sure because it’s hard to write about something that I don’t experience everyday so I just feel inadequate to write about it. I didn’t think of any of the readings for this introduction I purely just came up with a scenario and went with it and I like it.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Alexandria Spicer-McQueen

Hi DeAndre


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