Media and Advertisements…

21 Dec

So sadly this is my final blog for this class, but don’t worry I’ll still be posting things about autism and all the new stuff I learn because remember there is a little boy in my life by the name of DeAndre and I want to learn all I can and stay aware.

So here it is everyone:

So, here’s the deal: I’d like you to find a visual artifact (e.g., a newspaper photo, an advertisement, a youtube video, a book cover) that deals with autism in some way and analyze it using one or more of the frameworks we’ve discussed this quarter. So you might, for example, discuss this artifact in the context of neurodiversity, or allyhood, or adult/child issues, or medical models of disability.

Consider the following in your analysis: What’s going on in this artifact? How would you have responded to itbefore this class? How would you respond to it now? What are the broader implications of this artifact? What does it say about autism and autistic people?

Well it’s obvious what’s going on in this picture: children using a computer for learning. Before taking this class I would have just seen this image at surface value because I didn’t know anything about autism. However now after having taken the class on autism, I can respond differently. For one I think this image does what it says and really that’s a great thing. Technology helps so many neurotypical people do so many things whether for important things or for entertainment. The only thing that I now look for with autism but I may never really see especially with Autism Speaks advertisements (not to say they’re aren’t any but I have yet to see one) are adults. Ever since that lesson in class and learning remembering that children grow up, I will always look for adults with autism because the disorder doesn’t just go away and children don’t become less important when they grow up. Yes there is the statement “for those with autism” but it would have been nice to see an array of people with autism and not just children. I really think this sends, overall, a good message about the progression in autism and learning. Like I said technology is a great thing and a powerful device in learning especially in this day and age. I can’t really complain and had not I been in this class this advertisement would have gotten an “A+” grade but since I did take this class, I’ll give it an “A.” 🙂

Thank you for reading and staying with me for all of my learning endeavors. Muah!

*This image was emailed to me from Autism Speaks (since I’m a subscriber) I have no personal or professional affiliation with them at all. All credit to Autism Speaks for this image.


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